Early Music Alberta was founded in 2010 by a group of early music enthusiasts in Edmonton under the direction of baroque cellist and viola da gambist Josephine van Lier

All of our concerts and events are performed on instruments and equipment such as strings, reeds, etc as they were used at the time the pieces were written. Our performances are based on extensive research into the background and context of the time and place. The musicians have researched the original manuscripts of the pieces they play, and base the performance interpretation on the available treatises and correspondence of the time. 

Our concerts are more than “just-a-concert”; they are an event. The concerts are intimate, professional, and accessible to everyone.

Early Music Alberta - concert 2
Early Music Alberta Marnie and Joachim


Early Music is medieval, renaissance, and baroque music, especially as revived and played on period instruments. Early music is a broad musical era for the beginning of Western art music.

Early music commonly designates either a repertory (European music written in a millennium that spans from roughly 800 to 1800, including Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music) or an approach toward the idea of performing any old music more “authentically” on the basis of surviving instruments, treatises and other evidence (known as “Historical Performance”, “Period performance” or “Authentic performance”) including the use of period instruments. Frequently it is both.

Early music practitioners seek to discover and perform music from times past, to explore a repertory of music that is otherwise little known. We also aim to recreate the sound-worlds of earlier times through the use of period instruments and techniques. We base our interpretations on the accumulated evidence of original instruments, manuscripts, first editions, and the remarks of theoretical and instructional treatises, rather than on “received tradition” passed on by recent generations of performers and teachers.